Shocked into submission, curse of Hakka Patas

July 21st, 2013 | Posted in News

A hungry baby elephant was wandering through the forest, searching for something to eat. It saw a pumpkin in the middle of the scrubland. It looked tempting. The baby elephant tries to taste the pumpkin. It took the pumpkin by its trunk and put it inside its mouth. When it crunched the pumpkin, it suddenly blew inside its mouth. When the poor animal came to its senses, there was an unbearable pain in the place where its mouth used to be.
The baby elephant’s agony multiplied when it started feeling hunger and thirst. It moved to a water hole to quench its thirst thinking that it will stop this unbearable throbbing in its head. It took water from the water hole to its trunk and tried to put it inside its mouth, only to find that there was no mouth where it used to be. Apart from the great pain experienced due to wounds, the animal suffered further due to thirst and hunger. Unable to have food or water, the baby elephant starved to death.

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Source: The Nation