Education for Conservation

Elemotion Foundation works with rural school children to instill conservation principles in future generations. Our projects focus on villages bordering Sri Lanka’s wild elephant protected reserves.
Kivul Ara School
Our Goals
– give children a chance at a better life through education
– create an appreciation for the role that wild elephants play in their lives
– instill a desire to conserve this endangered species

In Sri Lanka, it’s common for wild elephants to roam out of their protected areas and into rural villages in search of food. The elephants raid village crops, damage property, destroy livelihoods, and may scare, injure, or kill people. The clash between elephants and man is called Human-elephant conflict (HEC).

HEC affected children may hear their parents and neighbors complain about recent raids and property damage. When families lose income due to HEC, daily life is disrupted, including the children’s possibility to attend school. Many children see wild elephants regularly and may even walk through elephant infested forests to get to school. On the other hand, some families actually depend on elephant tourism for a living.

Despite the complex circumstances, children understand the basic situation between wild elephants and man. They still believe elephants are good and do not mean to harm them. Elemotion Foundation wants to nurture this understanding of wildlife and wild elephant conservation by providing schools with infrastructure, supplies, awareness programs, and nature related activities.

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Our Work

Galoya Handiya Secondary School Nature Activities

In Sri Lanka, October 1st is World Children’s Day. To commemorate the celebration, Elemotion Foundation sponsored a host of nature activities with 45 school children and 12 staff from the Galoya Handiya Secondary School. The school is surrounded by protected nature areas near Kaudulla National Park.

Elemotion Foundation had an amazing team of good friends and conservationists for the school program. Joining us were: Herpetologist Sameera Karunarathna, Ornithologist Dulan Vidanapathirana, Naturalist Gayan Wijethunga, and Elemotion’s Country Representative Dr. Deepani Jayantha.

Each team member conducted activities with groups of children divided by grade levels. Activities centered around nature, environment, conservation, sustainability, wildlife, and of course, elephants. Coloring, math, games, crafts, and more activities made the topics fun. Snacks and a yummy cake were donated to the kids too.

Elemotion Foundation would like to continue to work with this school to promote wildlife and elephant conservation.



School-Park Clean-up and Awareness Programs
Park clean upTrash in and around a nature reserve damages the ecosystem, the same ecosystem both wildlife and locals depend on. In 2015-2016, Elemotion Foundation sponsored two clean-up and awareness programs with local schools near Udawalawe National Park. We united local school children and the park staff to clean up the borders of the park. Working side by side, the trash gets picked up, and the children learn about the importance of keeping their environment clean!

The children enjoy the hard work, have lunch, and each child receives a certificate on behalf of Elemotion Foundation and the park for their participation.



Library for Kivul Ara Primary School
New library is open!, 11/13
Kivul Ara Primary School, located in southern Sri Lanka, serves four villages and has sixty-one students, grades 1st through 5th.  The villages border a protected wildlife reserve, and elephants frequently roam over the border.  99% of the families at the school are farmers, mostly illiterate, and dependent on their crops for income.  In this area, wild elephants raid crops, damage property, and scare the villagers on a weekly basis.

In 2013, we funded the construction of a library for the modest two-room schoolhouse. Construction lasted about 6months and was completed in spring 2014. Finishing touches, furnishings, and stocking the library was complete in early 2016. During this time, Elemotion Foundation also conducted several conservation related programs with the school children.

The library is currently in use and became the first structure to be built since the school opened nearly 12 years ago. The library building adds a needed extra room to the school and helps instill a love of reading in the children. It gives them quiet place to read, concentrate, and study. It also serves as a safe place to store English and Sinhalese books.



Kivul Ara book donationSinhala books
February 2016. As part of our on-going work at Kivul Ara Primary School, Elemotion Foundation donated a printer, teacher’s chairs, 2 shelving units, and a computer table. We also donated 50,000LKR towards books for the library. The photo shows the 125 Sinhala books already purchased and donated. English books were purchased in Colombo and donated in March.



Dogstar activities, desks and chairs for Kivul Ara Primary School

Dogstar donationJune 2014. On this visit, we delivered a very special donation. Dogstar Foundation, an animal welfare charity best known for its amazing dog and cat sterilization, vaccination, and adoption programs in Sri Lanka, generously donated their children’s coloring books and very cool ‘Cool to be kind’ bright blue bracelets.

The fun, informative coloring book teaches the children about basic, responsible dog care. It also discusses how to be safe around street dogs. Some of the Kivul Ara children have dogs for pets, and the school grounds are home to a several street dogs. We are sure the information will be very useful.

The desks and chairs, funded by Elemotion Foundation, are completed and in use. They are painted bright blue and yellow and are featured in the photo with ‘Cool to be kind’ bracelets.



Reading Day at Kivul Ara Primary SchoolGood news

March 2014. The school invited Elemotion Foundation to participate in a special reading day. Classes were held outside for a change. The younger children worked on simple language skills and coloring. The 4th grade class performed a traditional Sinhala fable, and the 5th grade class presented their book reports in English.

We enjoyed spending this day with the staff and children. We donated watercolor paints and english language animal flashcards. On this visit, we also discussed the donation of funds to construct desks and chairs.