Orphan Foster Program

Meet our Wild Orphans

Elemotion Foundation currently sponsors three orphaned elephants at the Elephant Transit Home, located in Udawalawe National Park in southern Sri Lanka. The Transit Home is the only orphanage in the world to successfully rescue, rehabilitate, and release orphaned Asian elephants back to the wild. 

Elemotion Foundation is in search of kind donors who will foster our babies through their rehabilitation period at the Transit Home. After rehabilitation, the orphans will be released back to the wild. Elemotion Foundation currently has three released orphans now living free in national parks. If you’d like to become of foster parent, please follow this link to Foster an Orphan.

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Kaha-Kurulla (Yellow Bird)


Kaha Kurulla!Kaha-Kurulla is our youngest orphan. In January 2016, he was found trapped in an abandoned well. He was in good condition and estimated to be about 4 months old. After attempts to reunite him with his herd were unsuccessful, he was brought to the Transit Home. Kaha-Kurulla means ‘Yellow Bird’, a perfect name for such a bright and lively little calf. His best friend is Gemunu, and the two boys are constantly together, playing, socializing, and getting into trouble. Due to their young age, Kaha-Kurulla and Gemunu are kept in a special group of youngsters called the baby herd where they receive specialized care from keepers.




(male, full name Vibhishana)Elemotion's orphan Vibhi fills his cheeks as he drinks milk

Vibhi is Elemotion Foundation’s first orphan. He was rescued in 2011 at the age of 3-months old from an abandoned well near Anuradhapura. Vibhi is sweet but also bold. He has a narrow frame and long legs. In the free range area, he often dozes or play-fights. When he drinks, Vibhi loves to fill his cheeks with milk. His best friends are two girls named Ruby and Deegawapi. The three were often seen suckling on the earlobes of one of our older released orphans, Samari. Ear suckling is a comfort seeking behavior of the Transit Home orphans.

(Currently awaiting release.)




(female, 7-yrs old)Grusha

Grusha was rescued at the age of 5-months old by wildlife officials in 2010 from Maduruoya National Park. Known for her quiet disposition, Grusha is truly a gentle giant. At around 6ft tall, she is one of the tallest and most statuesque orphans. As an older female, she is also a wonderful allomother to the younger orphans, especially the extremely shy Madhumathie who likes to hide herself in Grusha’s shadow. Grusha is laid back and kind. She’s happy to wait her turn at the milk station as well as graze and mingle with most members of the herd.

(Currently awaiting release.)



Want to see more of our adorable orphans? Visit our media page and watch our videos about Vibhishana, Elemotion’s first orphan.