Elephant Tourism

Do you want to see elephants in an elephant-friendly, responsible way? Which activities are harmful or helpful for elephants? The sections below outline and explain common situations in which tourists may come in contact with Asian elephants.

What is elephant-friendly, responsible tourism?

Elemotion Foundation believes responsible tourism is essential to supporting Asian elephants, their caretakers, and their habitat. Our Captive Elephant Philosophy centers around giving the captive elephant an environment that closely replicates life in the wild. Forest, friends, and freedom are essential for captive elephants to thrive. Therefore, non-working, no contact sanctuaries for captive elephants and some jeep safaris to see wild elephants are usually better choices. However, responsible elephant tourism is a complicated subject. We urge you to click and read more about the activities that interest you. Below, you will find some information and tips to help you make educated, elephant-friendly decisions.


When elephants are forced to work in city streets, their lives are spent in constant misery and peril.

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Whether sold in a holiday package or as an impromptu outdoor activity, trekking is a major cause of illness, infection, and overwork.

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Painting & Shows

Learn about the abuse and harsh training techniques elephants endure in order to provide entertainment.

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Temple Elephants

Even though temple elephants are venerated as religious symbols, their lives are far from ideal.

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Jeep Safaris

Jeep Safari LandingEnter the world of wild elephants with respect, care, and awareness.

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Elephant Tourism landing1What is an elephant sanctuary?  Learn how to distinguish a good sanctuary from a tourist trap.

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