African vs. Asian

* African Asian
Height Highest point is the head, 3-4 meters (10-13 feet) Highest point is the shoulder, 2-3 meters (8-11 feet)
Weight 4,000-7,500kgs 3,000-5,000kgs
Forehead Single hump Two humps
Ears Very large and reach over the neck Large, some fold over at the top but do not reach over the neck
Lip Short and round Long and pointed
Trunk Heavily ringed appearance with two finger-like appendages at the tip Smoother appearance with one finger-like appendage at the tip
Tusk Both females and males have tusks Only some males have tusks, females have ‘mini-tusks’ called tushes which are large incisor teeth
Skin Wrinkled Smooth
Back Concave Humped or straight
Stomach Slopes down to the back knees Hangs down in the middle or straight
Ribs Up to 21 pairs Up to 20 pairs
Toenails Usually 4 on the front, 3 on the back 5 on the front feet, 4 on the back feet
WWF Wild Population Estimate 470,000-690,000 25,600-32,700
IUCN Red List Status Vulnerable Endangered
Diet Variety of vegetation with a large concentration of leaves Variety of vegetation with a large concentration of grasses
Social Groups Family groups of 6-20 individuals, but several groups may travel together or inhabit the same area Family groups consist of 7-8 adult females with young