Responsible Tourism

Elemotion Foundation believes responsible tourism is essential to supporting captive elephants and their mahouts, or caretakers.  Responsible tourism can also benefit wild elephants and the human communities that live near them.  Each visit to a sanctuary, park, protected reserve, or program which maintains high standards of care is important.  It sends the message that tourists prefer to see well maintained elephants in a more natural environment.  In each country listed below, you will find recommended captive elephant programs and activities.

The foundation has visited each recommended captive elephant program and conducted interviews with the directors and staff.  The level of staff professionalism, overall standard of elephant care, and community benefits were found to be very good to exceptional.  The programs differ in size, number of visitors allowed, absence of work or type of work exercised by the elephants, length of visit, accommodation, and price.

If you visit a program that you feel belongs on this list, please feel free to contact us.  Please remember, never choose a program based on a low price.  Caring for elephants is extremely expensive.  If the price is low, most likely, the level of elephant care will also be low.


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Sri Lanka




Please note: Elemotion Foundation has researched parks, sanctuaries, and elephant eco-tourism establishments in these countries only: Thailand, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Vietnam, mainland Malaysia, India, Loas, and China.  Any establishment located in one of these countries which is not present in our recommended list, was either not visited or, more likely, did not meet our criteria for a recommendation.  If you have specific questions, please feel free to contact us.