Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society

Established in 1997, the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society, a non-profit organization registered in the US, Sri Lanka, and Australia, began the work of conserving the country’s dwindling biodiversity.  The introduction of their SEHP program, Saving Elephants by Helping People, was the first step in finding a sustainable solution to the overwhelming problem of Human Elephant Conflict.  Today, the organization’s broad scope includes working with rural villages, building and maintaining electric fencing, educating farmers,  gathering ecological and socioeconomic data, and sharing conservation strategies with the international community.

The Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society (SLWCS) offers several exciting eco-tourism opportunities tailored to children, families, corporations, and other groups.  The facilities located near Wasgamuwa National Park offer two types of field accommodations depending on budget and comfort level desired.  The SLWCS experience is an integrated and hands-on approach to learning.  You will participate in activities such as operating a GPS tracking device, chatting with local villagers, maintaining the solar electric fences, visiting the Wasgamuwa National Park to study elephants, and learning about the amazing wilderness around you.  Long-term volunteers are also welcome.  Please contact SLWCS directly to ask about availability.


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