Completed Awareness Materials & Art


Life Size Elephant Art

paintingArt Inspires! Whether it is music, dance, painting, sculpture, or photography, art can transmit an important message in a unique way.

In summer 2013, Elemotion Foundation teamed up with Tokyo based American artist, Mayuka Thais. Mayuka has a passion for education and wildlife conservation. As an accomplished musician, writer, and painter, Mayuka had given many elephant lectures, released a song about elephant conservation, and created a life-size painting of the LA zoo’s Asian elephant Billy.

Together, we decided to let Mayuka express her amazing talent with a new educational art piece, a life-size baby Asian elephant. Elemotion Foundation quickly raised the funds needed to cover the cost of art supplies.

The original painting is not for sale. It is used as a centerpiece for Mayuka’s lectures and as a way to inspire adults and children to learn more about this endangered species.

Over the summer, Mayuka’s art students began preparing the canvas and the baby elephant’s base. After the base was finished, Mayuka spent over 12 hours creating the life size painting. Watch our time-lapse video to see the painting’s creation.

The painting is currently in LA and is used as a unique tool to ignite educational dialogues about these incredible animals.


Awareness Materials

One part of our mission is to educate the public about the plight of the Asian elephant and responsible tourism. Our work includes the Elemotion Foundation website, Facebook page, videos, press articles, educational brochures, conference materials, school talks, fundraisers, and lectures. Please see a few examples of our materials below.

Elephant Tourism in Asia
General information about common elephant tourism practices seen in many Asian countries, how to help, and tips for tourists.


Elephant Tourism in Sri Lanka
Originally designed for the Animals Asia Conference 2014, this brochure gives information about common elephant tourism activities in Sri Lanka and our ‘Go Wild!’ recommendation.


Elemotion Foundation
General information about Elemotion Foundation


Udawalawe National Park
Designed for visitors entering Udawalawe National Park, located in southern Sri Lanka. As part of the jeep safari, it informs tourist about the park’s history, wildlife, and rules/regulations.


Crocodile Conference
Designed for the World Crocodile Conference 2013. This awareness message was printed on the back cover of the conference books.