Completed Conservation Projects

Water pump donation

During the dry season of September 2018, Elemotion Foundation donated a water pump to the Lunugamvehera National Park. In this season, water becomes scarce and animals struggle to stay hydrated. Although the park has manmade watering holes for animals, they can dry out or worse, become breading grounds for parasites. The water pump allows the rangers to distribute water throughout the park and can be moved between locations in need. We are happy to help the park staff keep water available for the wildlife.



Tackling Trash at Somawathie Temple

In June and July 2017, Elemotion Foundation teamed up with the Sri Lankan Department of Wildlife Conservation, corporate sponsor Maskreeda, local authorities, and the Somawathie Temple to tackle an important trash problem during two religious festivals. The Somawathie Temple is located on 15 acres of Protected Area in the province of Polonnaruwa. Thousands of people travel through the Protected Area to worship at the temple, leaving their trash behind. This trash destroys the nature, sickens and kills wildlife, including wild elephants.

Elemotion Foundation and our partners worked to educate the public about the dangers of littering as well as provide an organized manner to help people properly dispose of their trash. Informative banners and posters were displayed, over 4000 pamphlets handed out, colored coded trash bins were made available, and volunteer guides helped worshippers dispose of their trash.

In the end, our efforts were not enough to completely stop the littering; however, the problem was significantly better than previous years. And most importantly, the main local players are motivated and have begun taking this issue seriously. We will continue to follow the progress with the goal of helping all parties to form and enact a plan to keep the National Park clean.



Kaudulla Park Visitor Rules

When taking a jeep safari into a national park, sometimes visitors are not properly informed of the rules. In May 2017, Elemotion Foundation teamed up with the staff at Kaudulla National Park to create multi-lingual laminate cards with park regulations for visitors. These cards are reusable and therefore, environmentally friendly.

Rules about speed, disturbing wildlife, park operating hours, keeping the park clean, and removing specimens from the park are examples of simple rules that will go a long way in helping Kaudulla National Park’s wildlife. These guidelines also help visitors enjoy, respect, and protect wildlife.



Equipment and Keeper Appreciation for Elephant Transit Home Staff- on going

Kavindee and bootElemotion Foundation supports the keepers and staff of the Elephant Transit Home. In April 2017, we outfitted the staff with our bright blue polos. In Jan 2016, we donated half of the funds for 35 new rain boots to the Transit Home staff. In June 2014, Elemotion Foundation donated 36 pairs of weatherproof, sturdy boots. The boots went to 2 veterinarians, 1 ranger, 2 assistant rangers, 5 wildlife guards, and 26 full and part-time keepers.

We participate in the Transit Home’s Appreciation Program by gifting awards to outstanding keepers. We also conducted lectures on conservation topics specifically chosen for the keepers.

The Transit Home, located at Udawalawe National Park in southern Sri Lanka, is the only orphanage in the world to successfully rescue, rehabilitate, and release orphaned baby Asian elephants back to the wild.

Elemotion has spent many hours observing and interacting with the staff. Their work is vital to the success of the orphans’ rehabilitation. The keepers, in particular, show enormous dedication and love for the baby elephants in their care. They spend their entire day outdoors, feeding and guarding the babies, preparing milk formula, cleaning and maintaining the grounds. Feeling appreciated for their hard work gives the staff a sense of pride. Proper footwear makes their work easier, safer, and they look good too!

These are just a few of Elemotion Foundation’s many projects to support the Transit Home’s orphaned baby elephants and incredible staff.

See more about the orphans, the staff, and our projects at the Transit Home here.    



Jeep driver and guide training sessions

Sameera practical sessionThroughout 2015 and 2017, Elemotion Foundation, in coordination with the Udawalawe and Kaudulla National Parks and Sri Lankan Department of Wildlife Conservation, has conducted and/or sponsored training sessions for jeep drivers, guides, and rangers working inside the national park.

The jeep drivers, guides, and rangers are eager to learn more about the park’s biodiversity, conservation challenges, and responsible driving practices inside the park. Topics have included wild elephants, Laws Protecting Wildlife and Rules/Regulations inside National Parks, Reptiles and Vegetation of Sri Lanka with lectures and hands-on practice sessions.

Elemotion Foundation believes education is the key to a better understanding, appreciation, and protection of the park’s wildlife, including wild elephants.  



School-Park Clean-up and Awareness Program

Park clean upTrash in and around a nature reserve damages the ecosystem, the same ecosystem both wildlife and locals depend on. In 2015-2016, Elemotion Foundation sponsored clean-up and awareness programs with the local schools near Udawalawe National Park. We united local school children and the park staff to clean up the borders of the park. Working side by side, the trash gets picked up, and the children learn about the importance of keeping their environment clean!

The children enjoy the hard work, have lunch, and each child receives a lovely certificate on behalf of Elemotion Foundation and the park for their participation.



Udawalawe National Park entrance brochure for tourists

BROCHURE-JUNEIn 2015, Elemotion Foundation collaborated with the Sri Lankan Department of Wildlife Conservation to design an eye-catching, educational new brochure for tourists visiting Udawalawe National Park. Due to language barriers and sometimes untrained jeep drivers and guides, Elemotion Foundation and the Udawalawe Park staff wanted to provide the park’s visitors with the information they need to enjoy and respect the park’s wildlife.

The brochure is given to each jeep entering the national park. It provides information about the park’s history, biodiversity, elephant populations, and how to have a responsible jeep safari. The brochure is currently being tested and improved based on guide and tourist feedback.

Elemotion Foundation thanks the park’s warden, Mr. Pathirana, for his continued support and wildlife photographers, Dr. Deepani Jayantha, Vimukthi Weerathunga, and Saandip Nandagudi for donating their photos.    



Elephant Transit Home surveillance system

Dr.T and surveillanceElemotion Foundation supports orphan elephant rehabilitation.

In May 2014, installation of an outdoor video surveillance system, funded by Elemotion Foundation, was completed for the Elephant Transit Home. The Transit Home, located at Udawalawe National Park in southern Sri Lanka, is the only orphanage in the world to rescue, rehabilitate, and release orphaned baby Asian elephants back to the wild.

The video surveillance system helps the orphanage run more efficiently. It allows veterinary staff to keep a close eye on vulnerable new arrivals, survey sick and injured babies, and implement new management strategies.

The surveillance system includes four night-vision cameras, pointed at the milk feeding station, hospital, sick/injured/new arrival pen, and gate to the free range area. Up to four more cameras can be added in the future. Once the Transit Home has DSL internet installed, the system will also allow the veterinary staff to access the video feed from outside the orphanage by remote log-in.

This is just one of Elemotion Foundation’s many projects to support the Transit Home’s orphaned baby elephants and incredible staff.

See more about the orphans, the staff, and our projects at the Transit Home here.    



Kivul Ara Primary School library

New library is open!, 11/13Elemotion Foundation is committed to early childhood education for rural villages struggling with Human-elephant conflict.

We provided infrastructure support and donated supplies to the Kivul Ara Primary school, located in southern Sri Lanka. Kivul Ara serves four farming villages and has 61 students, grades 1st– 5th.

In 2013, we funded the construction of a library for the modest two-room schoolhouse. Construction lasted about 6months and was completed in spring 2014. Finishing touches, furnishings, and stocking the library was complete in early 2016. During this time, Elemotion Foundation conducted several conservation programs with the children.

The library is currently in use and became the first structure to be built since the school opened nearly 12 years ago. The library building adds a needed extra room to the school and helps instill a love of reading in the children. It gives them quiet place to read, concentrate, and study. It also serves as a safe place to store English and Sinhalese books.

See more about Kivul Ara, the library, and our future projects here.