Elemotion Foundation Brochure

Every day, thousands of tourists unknowingly participate in holiday activities which are harming elephants. Elephant begging, painting, trekking, and shows may seem to be easy and innocent tourist attractions. But sadly, the lives of working elephants are often filled with pain and suffering. The public must be made aware of the truth behind harmful tourism practices. Also, suitable alternatives, such as sanctuaries, parks, and other programs which maintain a high standard of elephant care, should be offered.

Would you like to help educate the public about Asian elephants working in tourism? Elemotion Foundation has English language brochures available. The brochures include information about begging, trekking, shows and painting as well as elephant facts and ways to help. Give them to friends, family, and co-workers. Use them for school projects. Place them in travel agencies, tourist information centers, doctors’ waiting rooms, veterinary clinics, universities, schools, local libraries, Buddhist cultural centers, Asian restaurants, whole foods supermarkets, and anywhere where you think they will be read. Distribute Elemotion Foundation brochures and help others choose their holiday activities wisely.


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