Foster an Orphan

Become a Foster Parent

Elemotion Foundation’s foster program allows you to become a foster parent to one of our babies. Your monthly donation can be in any amount of your choosing, with a minimum of $5 US. The monthly foster donation goes towards the babies’ rehabilitation program, medical care, milk formula, and Elemotion Foundation’s projects at the orphanage.

Elemotion Foundation visits the Transit Home on a regular basis to check on our orphans, photograph the babies for foster parents, oversee on-going projects, participate in appreciation programs for keepers, and discuss any short-term needs or long-term goals with veterinary staff. Learn more about our projects at the Transit Home here.

Foster parents receive updates every few months with photos of your baby, news about our projects at the Transit Home, and if possible, post-release monitoring updates once your baby has been released in the wild. After release, you may continue to participate in the program by fostering another orphan. If no orphans are available at that time, you will be given priority when a new baby becomes available.

To start fostering an orphan, please visit our monthly donation page or click a ‘foster’ button. Choose your favorite orphan from the dropdown menu. Select or type in your monthly donation amount. $5 US is the minimum donation. Please feel free to write in a larger amount should you choose. Follow the payment instructions. We will contact you shortly about your new foster orphan. If you need assistance, please contact us.

Not ready to become a foster parent? That’s ok. We also accept one-time donations in the amount of your choosing for your favorite baby.

Please join us by supporting the Elephant Transit Home orphans and give an orphaned baby elephant a second chance at a life in the wild.Foster button