Star Medical Clinic

Elemotion Foundation is supporting Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary’s ongoing project to build a new elephant clinic near Sukhothai.

Thailand has two elephant hospitals located in the north in Lampang.  However, if specialized equipment or care is needed for treatment, the elephant must be transported to one of the hospitals.  For many sick, injured, or elderly elephants based near Sukhothai, the long voyage to the north is impossible.

This new facility will be equipped with the tools a veterinarian needs to treat an elephant such as footbaths, medicines, an overhead crane, a recovery pasture, and x-ray machines.  The community’s villagers will also benefit from a spay and neuter program, free treatment for domestic animals such as cattle, and open workshops where they may learn how to better care for their animals.  Most importantly, the Star Medical Clinic at BLES would give the area’s elephants the care they urgently need.



Our Contribution

Elemotion Foundation’s contribution to the Star Medical Clinic starts with making sure the BLES elephants are as healthy as possible.  We believe that all captive elephant facilities should operate with a medical protocol that includes yearly check-ups, staff health screening, and disease prevention.

After months of research and with the guidance of top veterinarians specialized in elephant medicine, Elemotion Foundation completed a medical protocol adapted to the specific needs of BLES.  It includes: an elephant profile form, mahout/owner questionnaire, diagnoses records, vaccination records, lab result records, detailed physical examination form, AZA Quarantine guidelines, and preventative care measures.

The long version of the protocol is available here.  It may be copied and adapted by a qualified veterinarian to fit the needs of other captive elephant establishments.  Elemotion Foundation believes in openly sharing our work in the hopes that other facilities will adopt a medical protocol of their own.  PDF’s are best when viewed with Adobe Reader (available for PC and Mac).



The foundation would like to thank Dr. Susan Mikota, Dr. Sumolya Kanchanapangka, and veterinary technician Monica Stewart.  Their knowledge and guidance was essential to the successful completion of this project.

AsESG guidelines, AZA Standards for Elephant Management and Care, ‘Elephants and Their Diseases’ by Griffith H. Evans, and ‘Biology, Medicine, and Surgery of Elephants’ by Murray E. Folwer and Susan K. Mikota were used as references.

Read Elemotion’s interview with Katherine Conner, BLES’s founder, about the Star Medical Clinic. If you would like to donate to the Star Medical Clinic and help BLES implement the medical protocol, please make a tax-free donation by clicking on the donate button.donate