Thong Tae Baby Elephant Fund

The Thong Tae Baby Elephant Fund is an emergency reserve fund for young elephants and their mothers. From their first breath, a baby elephant depends on the protection and care of its mother. In the wild, young elephants may nurse for up to three years. As they grow, a strong social structure of females will protect and teach them the life skills necessary to survive.

Sadly, babies born to working mothers must fight for their survival. Many suffer from malnutrition, serious calcium deficiencies, or die as their mothers are put back to work just days after giving birth. Fortunate mothers who receive a lengthy maternity leave may care for their young until two to three years of age. After which, the babies are separated and put through harsh domestication methods in order to make them submit to man for future work. Wild elephants are also victims when babies are poached from the wild and sold to temples or tourist camps.

Elemotion Foundation would like all mothers and babies to be healthy, strong, and stay together. In order to ensure young elephants are given the chance to grow into strong adults, the Thong Tae Baby Elephant Fund is available to assist them and their mothers. Each case is evaluated individually and with special consideration. Medical treatment, sponsorship, transportation, maternity leave, and sanctuary placement are examples of ways in which the fund may be applied. If you would like to help a baby or mother elephant, please donate to the Thong Tae Baby Elephant Fund.

Thong Tae


The fund is named after Plai Thong Tae, a very special baby elephant who passed away from a viral infection on March 31st, 2011, one month before his third birthday.