The Foundation


Elemotion Foundation was established in 2009 to protect wild Asian elephants and improve captive elephant welfare. Today, our work includes supporting wild orphan elephant rehabilitation, preserving wild elephant habitat, building infrastructure for Human-elephant conflict (HEC) affected villages, improving captive elephant management techniques, and raising awareness about the plight of Asian elephants and responsible tourism.

We first began in the summer of 2009 with an educational brochure for tourists visiting Asia. It explained the actual conditions under which elephants work in the tourism industry. It also included advice on how the public can enjoy elephants without a negative impact. This information was translated into several languages and passed on to thousands of people. See our brochures and other audiovisual materials here.

In September 2010, Elemotion Foundation received its official non-profit status in the United States, 501(c)3 registry number 27-3472337.


Our Work

Just a little loveSince then, we’ve traveled throughout Asia, including Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka to learn about the different problems facing the elephants of each country and region. Always with an open mind, our research leads us to seek out information from local elephant resource people, compassionately listen to all sides of the story, and take into account cultural traditions and local politics.

Elemotion Foundation is one of the few organizations working in both welfare (captive elephants) and conservation (wild elephants). For us, the two are interconnected due to issues such as; live poaching of wild elephants for the tourism industry, the need for captive facilities to replicate wild living conditions in order to improve captive elephant welfare standards, and the rehabilitation of temporarily held wild orphans to be released back in the wild.


The Organization

Elemotion Foundation is a modest, no frills, efficiently run organization supported by hardworking family members, volunteers, and elephant resource people. Our three offices are located in Lausanne, Switzerland; Richmond, Va USA, and Colombo, Sri Lanka. The foundation depends on donations to fund our work. Running costs are kept low by using home offices, volunteers, and meticulously managing every project. This way, we can assure our donors their donations are used wisely and effectively.

Contact Us:  Use our contact form, email,  or write to Elemotion Foundation, 5302 Terrace Arbor Circle, Midlothian Va 23112 USA.

Elemotion Foundation’s financial statements are available upon written request from the Office of Consumer Affairs.

Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Atten: Office of Consumer Affairs
102 Governor St. Richmond, Va 23219